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pokemon trainer sprites by darkKitsuneoflight pokemon trainer sprites by darkKitsuneoflight
Pkemon trainers!. . . and Tiga?
These spries are me and my friends plus two OCs. I bet you can tell which ones are the OCs.
Jade was my origional pokemon OC for my fire red game, which I have recently dug up from the abyss known as my closet.
If you couldn't guess, the one cosplaying Ruby is me. I didn't like Saphire's character design. don't ask me why, since I don't know the answer to that myself. Plus, Ruby's my favorite character. And Look! It's Salem, my favorite and most powerful pokemon on my team! <3
My friend Randy was the opposite and hated Ruby's design, so that's why there is some gender-bending invooved here.
Speaking of gender-bending: Luna is cosplaying Gold since he's her favorite character.
My sister Corrine [bless her soul] has never finished a pokemon game in her life. This is why I gave her a charmander, since she doesn't have a favorite and charmander is basically everyone's all-around favorite pokemon. Sorry pikachu, everyone secretly hates you.
Jeff is Jessalyn's bf and is obsessed with Mudkips. I couldn't think of much of a design for him since I don't know his personalety all that well.
Jessalyn's favorite design in platnium but her favorite colors are black and purple, so I changed up the coloring a bit. She has a shiny eevee named Sirius. Harry Potter fans ftw!
Lynda's design was actually hardest for me to come up with, though it looks the simplist. The colors were hard to figure out. I like her hat though. I was going to give her a MewTwo, but I went with the Aryodactyl instead, since it matched her outfit better. Again, don't ask me why. My brain just works funny.
And last but not least, Tiga.
She's from an old manga I was doing that I have now turned into a story. That was due mostly to the fact that i'm WAY to lazy to draw gory battle scenes. She is a Lycan [hense the wolf behind her] with the ability to delve into people's minds and do freaky shit to them. The pendant she wears is a keepsake of her mother who died while saving her from a fire when she was five.This incient gave her a dragon-shaped scar that snakes down her arm. She is an assassin with not only mind powers, but amazing sword skills too. <3 Her eyes are white by the way.
I don't know why she's in here. I felt like spriting her and just left her on this sheet I guess.
Her wolf form was once a mightyena. o.o

Pokemon is copyright to gamefreak
Everything else is copyright to me
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eeveelish64 Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am sooo jessalyn
Tasogare-Tenshi Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
That wolf sprite looks really cool. ^^
MakotoMugen Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010
lol. idk never use that pokemon tho XD
darkKitsuneoflight Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010
meh. I thought it would fit. o.o
Luna-Temeki Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
roflmao I love you. <3
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